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Locally owned, boutique-style catering

Innovative Dining is a privately owned, boutique-style catering company that raises the level, standard and originality of food. Uncompromising in the quality of our service and including only the use of the freshest ingredients, we specialize in custom-building menus to suit your taste, style and theme of your event.

From private, corporate, wedding and destination catering, Innovative Dining provides creative, sumptuous cuisine combined with personalized service and event-design, attending to every detail of your entertaining needs.

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Our Team

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Rich Knowles


I am a fifth generation Bradenton boy through and through.  I grew up fishing with my uncle and friends on the waters of West Bradenton and hunting on the land of my father’s orange groves in East Bradenton.  My culinary inspirations began during these times, when I was encouraged to clean, prepare and eat the product of the days take.  In addition with my dad being a citrus grower he gave me good insight into the farming world – the true beginning of everything culinary.   I have great childhood memories of working in the grove and squeezing fresh orange juice.  We often went to the Geraldsons Barn in NW Bradenton for fresh tomatoes and veggies throughout my whole life and now I buy most of my fresh produce from the third generation of Geraldsons (who are my age).  I had an early taste for the good stuff – fresh and locally sourced food – and have been addicted ever since.