Larry Lane, Executive Chef

Chef Larry Lane brings 23-years’ experience to Innovative Dining.  Graduating college in 2009, Chef Larry became an executive Sous Chef and pastry chef at two restaurants in Tallahassee under his mentor Chef Chris Traylor.  After six years, he moved back to Tampa, working at places like Palma Ceia GCC and eventually took a traveling chef position for a worldwide private jet catering company.  His time in in that position gave him the distinct opportunity to cook for president Elect Donald Trump, General Colin Powell, and Warren Buffet just to name a few.  Chef Larry was then offered a position to head the private aviation catering business as well as taking on Sous Chef, Private Chef and eventually Executive Chef at Grasing’s Restaurant in Carmel, California.  Through Grasing’s restaurant, Chef Larry had exclusive opportunities cooking for former Secretary of Defense, CIA Director, and White House Chief of staff Mr. Leon Panetta.  Being a Florida native, Chef Larry made his way back east where it all began bringing his skills and experience to Innovative Dining.

Email: [email protected]